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Commission: Valen by iara-art Commission: Valen by iara-art
Commission for :iconvalkaneer: of his character Valen, an elf ranger, in the ancient forest :)

Commission info: [link]
Neranella Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
Excellent. :clap:
Valkaneer Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Professional Writer

This image is a key to cultural traits of the Ilyonii elves. The "Wingless" as told in "Epica: The Ballad of the Nwyrrin". There are so many details I can't possibly cover all of them, but the lance with its shoulder harness, the recurved bow, the hip saber, and the moss green Ilyonii cowl, the vestures and writs guards, the braided length of hair down the cheek. All of them are done beautifully and help express the typical garb of the elves of Ilyon.

All that's missing is the boot dagger, and you have the full assortment of elf weaponry. But that's just because the boots aren't on display and a minor issue. ;)

This is exactly how I imagined the character looking. Valen, is the patriarch in the novel who mates with the "Winged" matriarch Gwinian to give birth to the first mixed breed elf, Nwyr.

Nwyr, is the first of hundreds of such halfbreed fairies who he eventually leads in aiding the dwarves of Joseric Hall, under the Dwarfish Ranges.

The "Nwyrrin" would forever carry his name to honor him throughout the ages. As all mixed elves joined his banner under the Ilyonii fiefdom of Valenoth. Valen, is a key player in the story of the end of the fairy race, and the progenitor of the mixing of bloodlines that would preserve them in a less glorious but more robust and hardy race fit to meet the wicked in war.

Well done, is all I can say, Irene. You took simple direction once again and astonished me! :)
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November 28, 2012
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